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Europe isn't what it used to be! With a rise in regional instability, austerity, taxes and a lowering in the quality of services, infrastructure and career progression, maybe the time is right to explore new opportunities.

Companies in Asia are crying out for highly skilled professionals who bring with them a global perspective and want to spend some time working in, and exploring Asia.

Work Holiday (1+ years)

Do you want to dip your big toe in the water before making the decision to relocate permanently? Contract work of one year (or more) can give you the chance to explore the fast growing ASEAN region and get a feel for the culture and lifestlye, whilst not being locked to a long term commitment, or considering if you want to stick around longer term.

Permanent Opportunities (5+ years)

Ready to take the plunge? With a commitment of 5 years comes the opportunity of a life-time to indulge your curiosity and explore the region, become a part of the local culture and live the amazing melting pot of food, people, religions and experiences. You will find your pound (or euro) goes a long way and you can live your dream, whether its travel every other weekend, or living like a king.

Skill Sets

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Featured Companies

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KERN Technology

KERN take the best practices of business, technology and marketing and fuse them to provide innovative solutions that differentiate our clients from their competition.

We specialise in geospatial solutions, augmented reality, IPTV, mobile and web architecture and development and cloud computing solutions.

Our clients include Start Ups, SMEs, MNCs and Government Agencies around APAC and beyond.

Current Opportunities


Zinios are a technology vendor, and engage through a network of channel partners, reaching 6 continents. Our products include technology centric offerings such as frameworks and development platforms as well as business centric applications.

We take the heavy lifting out of complex solutions, enabling our customers to deploy and leverage our products in the shortest postible time frame, whilst focusing on their core business.

Current Opportunities


Malaysia has developed into an Asian Tiger over the last three decades, mirroring its close neighbour, Singapore. From the economic hub of dynamic Kuala Lumpur, the historical cultures of Penang and Melaka and the natural beauty of Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia is at the heart of Asia.

Cost of living

Unlike Singapore, Malaysia has remained a relatively low-cost country. Blending the best of western luxuries with an abundance of local flavours, your Money goes a long way.


Malaysia prides itself as an inclusive, liberal and multicultural country. A mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese and indigenous tribes, the country is a colourful blend of exotic people: food, religion, dance and history.


While Malaysia is a mix of exotic influences, it is still somehow familiar. As member of the Commonwealth, language, law, medicine and education systems all parrallel their English counterparts. And they drive on the left!


Malaysia maintains a competitive tax rate when compared with regional and Western systems. Following six months in the country, a tax rate between 0 and 26% depending on your income as well as a generous taxable offsets are available to all.

ASEAN Opportunities

With a young, educated and tech savvy population bigger then the EU and the US combined, ASEAN has both a world of opportunity, and a hunger for entrapreneurship. Local Tech startups as well as the world's large technolgy firms have a large and growing presence in Malaysia.

Explore Asia

Kuala Lumpur has two large International airports servicing in access of 50 million passengers per year as well as three major ports on the Straits of Malacca, the second busiest shipping lane in the world. With direct flights to all major global cities and geographicly central to the ASEAN region, KL is a short flight from the best beaches in the world as well as Asia's cultural and dynamic hubs.

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